Al talks about homelessness, how angry it makes him, and how we can solve it.


Al talks about flags, and how they stoke division.

Car Drivers

Al talks about car drivers, and how selfish they can be.


Al talks about charity, and how people are quite often doing it wrong and don't even care.

People on Trains

Al talks about trains, and how the people on them are the worst part of the journey.

Shopping Trolleys

Al talks about shopping trolleys and the people who use them.

John Lewis Advert

Al talks about the John Lewis advert, and how it is just emotional capitalism.

12 Hour Clock

Al talks about the 12 hour clock, when we switch days, and how that feels wrong.

Booking Fees

Al talks about booking fees and how they are not only a cash grab, but also sometimes cause negative effects for the companies charging them


Al talks about filibustering and whether it is compatible with democracy.


In this episode, Al talks about borders, and why he thinks they are unfair.


In this episode, Al talks about art, and those who claim to define what good and bad art is.

Intellectual Property

In this episode, Al talks about Intellectual Property, and how he thinks it has gone too far.


In this episode, Al talks about timezones, daylight saving time, and his annoyances with them.

Temperature Scales (Pilot)

In this episode, Al talks about temperature scales and his frustrations with the different ones.